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Further Information

The Private Practice Advisory Group operates as a support, social and educational network of occupational therapists working in private practice. The aim of the group is to encourage and to promote the highest standards in practice and provide peer support to the diverse workloads and geographical locations of its members

Committee: The Committee is comprised of a Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer. The Committee adheres to the AOTI Advisory Group Terms of Reference

Membership: Membership of AOTI is a requirement. It is recommended that members haveappropriate post graduation clinical experience in their chosen area of expertise prior to commencing in private practice. Members are expected to familiarise themselves with the AOTI Code of Practice document. Members must obtain appropriate insurance and present a hard copy to the AOTI office prior to being included on the AOTI Private Practice List. This list is updated in conjunction with AOTI but membership of Private Practice Advisory Group is not a requirement to be included on this list.ď‚·All AOTI members working in Northern Ireland must ensure that the have obtained the appropriate insurance and registration for the UK.

There is an annual membership fee of €10.

Study Days: We endeavour to hold two study days a year. The content for these days is based on the needs of the group and tends to have a focus on areas relevant to working within private practice.

If you are interested in joining this group, and feel you have the necessary skills/expertise to contribute/learn, please email