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We are delighted that you have been chosen to present at the AOTI Virtual Conference 2021. Please be advised that PowerPoint presentations do not need to be emailed to the conference committee in advance of the conference. It is only necessary to have your PowerPoint presentation ready to present and share with the audience on the day of your designated session at conference.


Conferencing Platform:

You may have already had experience of using our conference platform ‘Zoom’; however, if you are new to this online audio and web conferencing platform, please download it for free now so you can test your internet speed and sound in advance of AOTI 2021 Virtual conference. If you find your sound is not clear, you can also call on the phone while watching the presentation on your computer. You can find the call-in numbers and meeting ID by choosing ‘Phone Call’ instead of ‘Computer Audio’ in the pop-up audio option for each session.

You may already have downloaded Zoom; however, as with all software, the versions are frequently updated so we would encourage you to check out the link at Zoom in advance of conference. This link will allow you to check your own Zoom account to ensure that you are using the most updated version.

If you are joining from your office instead of at home, your employer may have different security settings that do not allow you to access it, so be sure to test it:

It is essential that your first name and surname are featured in your Zoom profile log-in, as this will enable AOTI moderators to ensure that your name is on the registrant list. Access the ‘join’ links to attend the live program on 8th and 9th October 2021.


What Internet Speed Do I Need for Zoom?

You will need to have a stable internet connection to present live at conference using the conference platform Zoom.

You can find out more on system requirements by clicking on this link:


What if I cannot present live at AOTI 2021 Virtual Conference?

AOTI 2021 Virtual Conference is a live event. If there is no possibility that you can present live on the day of conference, you can nominate one of our co-authors to deliver the live presentation. Please contact the conference committee at to advise the change of presenter for the live session. If neither you nor any of your co-authors can deliver the live presentation, unfortunately your presentation must be withdrawn from the programme. In this instance, please contact the conference committee at your earliest convenience to advise and to allow the necessary changes to be made to the conference programme.


Signing into your Session with Computer Audio:

You will receive the link for your session by email approximately 48 hours before the conference. Please check this link to make sure that it is your session. The session will be enabled to allow delegates and presenters to join before the host (the AOTI moderator); therefore, you can join the session 5 minutes early to set up your PowerPoint presentation.  We would strongly encourage you to be ready to start your session on time. Click the link to open Zoom. If you plan on joining using your computer microphone, choose ‘Join with Computer Audio.’


Getting Ready to Present your PowerPoint Presentation: 

Be sure once you sign in that your microphone is not muted. Turn your video off if you do not wish to be seen during the power point presentation, keep the video on if you wish to have a small video of yourself whilst presenting your PowerPoint presentation. Choose ‘screen share’ and then choose the screen that has your PowerPoint. The link below provides you with practical information on how to share your screen.


When to Begin?

AOTI will have a room moderator that will welcome you and the conference delegates. They will remind the delegates to keep their microphones muted and type questions in the chat box to be answered at the end. Once the moderator starts the recording, they will invite you to start your presentation.


Q & A’s:

You will be able to see in the AOTI 2021 Conference programme that this year sessions have been grouped with two or more speakers per session. It is planned that in each session the oral presentations will be delivered sequentially with a subsequent 10-15 minutes timetabled for chat and discussion about all presentations. We hope that by formatting the session in this way there will be more opportunity for discussion of the topics in a natural way.


Timing of the Session:

Each oral presentation is allotted 20 minutes. We would greatly appreciate a prompt start and a prompt end to the session. Your moderator will inform you when you have 2 minutes left to complete your presentation and invite the next oral presenter to commence their presentation, or the moderator will commence the group discussion. At the end of the session the AOTI room moderator will stop the recording and close the meeting room.


Post Conference Access to Oral Presentations:

After conference, delegates will be able to view the recording of your session on the AOTI website post conference until 31st January 2022.



Zoom privacy statement can be viewed on Please note that in using the Zoom platform the session will be recorded unless stated otherwise. The presenter and the attendees will be viewed live during the session if they turn on their camera their image will be available to everyone in attendance, and depending on how they set up their account, their name or email may be viewed during the session and in the recording of the session. All spoken word will be recorded. If the presenter shares their screen this will be part of the recording.

Any discussion of confidential information may be retained as part of the recording; therefore, presenters should be mindful of all privacy requirements, and we would ask that presenters endeavour to refrain from using personally identifying information if they are presenting videos, photographs, or case studies during their session.




Congratulations on being offered a poster presentation to showcase your research or clinical innovation or practice.


Uploading Your ePoster:          

  1. Ensure you have saved your poster as a PDF - the site will not allow you to upload a poster of any other format
  2. Please cut and paste this link into your internet browser

  1. The link will take you to a web-page like shot and you click the pencil icon which will allow you to edit your submission
  2. This link will take you through to a web-page where you can upload your poster

Your poster presentation must be uploaded by 21st September 2021 at 5pm.


Guidelines for AOTI Conference 2021 Posters:

Please see the following technical requirements for the ePoster:

  • File format: PDF (1 Page only) and less than 10MB.
  • Size: (In pixels) 1920 width x 1080 height / (In cm) 25.4 width x 14.29 height.
  • Orientation: You may choose portrait or landscape
  • Font size: We recommend a minimum font 12, however, you are free to decide. Our system caters for zooming in.
  • Images: Please ensure highest resolution possible


Recommendations for Effective Poster Presentation:

  • Do not overload your poster with text or too many colours.
  • You are not writing an article, so well-made key points are the priority, rather than too much detail.
  • Make sure to focus your poster content on the results and/or their clinical implications.


Seek simplicity, keep text to a minimum and avoid repetition and redundancies. AOTI Conference 2021 is interested in new ways of poster presentation and design.

Recommended video: How to create a better research poster in less time (#betterposter Generation 1) - YouTube


What to expect at the Conference?

  • Your poster will be available via a link in the online program for the duration of the conference in a Poster Gallery, as well as after the conference as reference material, which will enable attendees to have ongoing engagement with your work.
  • Those viewing your poster will be able to leave comments which you can address/respond to. We recommend that you ‘check in’ to the Poster gallery over the 2-days of conference so that you can address any comments or questions directed toward your poster.
  • If you have any concerns about comments, please notify a member of the conference committee asap using as these comments will be moderated infrequently through the conference, due to other moderating commitments of committee.
  • You need to be registered to attend the conference in order to have your poster included. If you have not registered by 21st September at 5pm, your poster will be removed from the gallery and the Book of Abstracts.
  • Oxford Abstracts, the conference providers, have advised us that Internet Explorer can be problematic and so another browser (Chrome or MS Edge) are recommended. It is advisable that you use the most up to date version of your browser.



  • There will be a ‘People’s Choice Best Poster’ Prize based on voting during the conference – simply email to register 1 vote.
  • The voting starts at 09:00 a.m. on Friday 8th October 2021 and will close at 11:00 a.m. on Saturday 9th October 2021
  • The winner of the best poster will be announced by our CSO, Odhrán Allen during the closing of conference.  

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