Keynote Speakers




Professor Avril Drummond

Professor Avril Drummond is an occupational therapist and Professor of Healthcare Research at the University of Nottingham. She has worked clinically, in education and in research. Her research interests are diverse- ranging across the spectrum of rehabilitation- and she has published over 200 papers to date. She is a Fellow of the Royal College of Occupational Therapists and has honorary chair appointments in Occupational Therapy in Australia, Hong Kong, Derby and Ulster. She is a past Chair of the UK Stroke Forum, and a Trustee of the UK Stroke Association and of the Elizabeth Casson Occupational Therapy Trust. She has been appointed as the next editor for ‘Clinical Rehabilitation’. 


Michelle O’Donnell

Michelle O’Donnell BSc Hons OT, Dip COT, CHT, qualified from the University of Ulster in 1984. Michelle is a Certified Hand Therapist (CHT), achieving certification by the Hand Therapy Certification Commission (USA) in 2012. She practices as a generic hand therapist combining the skills of Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy. Michelle has worked as a Clinical Specialist Occupational Therapist in St James’s Hospital, Dublin since 1994 and has over 25 years’ experience in the treatment of hand and upper limb trauma and in the rehabilitation of burn injuries.  She runs BAHT accredited hand therapy courses annually for Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists from the UK and Ireland with two other hand therapists. Michelle’s particular areas of interest are in the treatment of complex hand injuries and in the rehabilitation of burn injuries, specifically quantifying the functional outcomes of burn injuries to the hand. She is also interested in further developing the OT advanced practice role in the management of elective orthopaedic and plastics conditions.

Michelle is actively involved in service development, including the implementation of a Therapy Led Clinic for plastics trauma patients in 2002, an OT Led Carpal Tunnel Clinic in 2016 and an Advanced Practice OT Led clinic for elective plastics and orthopaedic patients in 2017.  Clinical research and audit, including the education of surgical and therapy staff, form an integral part of her role as a clinical specialist. She has been an active committee member of the Irish Association of Hand Therapists for the past 25 years and is currently representing AOTI on the HSCP Advanced Practice Committee, working towards the development of a HSCP AP Framework document to support the recognition of this grade in clinical practice.




Professor Tammy Hoffmann OAM

Professor Tammy Hoffmann is Professor of Clinical Epidemiology at the Institute for Evidence-Based Healthcare, Bond University, Australia. She is also a National Health and Medical Research Council of Australia Senior Research Fellow, a Fellow of the Occupational Therapy Australia Research Academy, and a Fellow of the Australian Academy of Health and Medical Sciences. Tammy’s research spans many aspects of evidence-based practice, shared decision making, and maximising the translation of evidence into practice to assist clinicians, patients, and the public to make informed health decisions. She leads interdisciplinary teams that are undertaking international initiatives in a few main areas. One area is devoted to more closely integrating shared decision making and evidence-based practice so that evidence is translated into practice better, in a more patient-centred way, and in a way that considers the sustainability of health systems. Another area is focussed on improving the reporting, useability, and uptake of effective non-pharmacological interventions.

Tammy is also Co-Director of the Australasian EQUATOR Centre, which is an international initiative that seeks to improve the reliability and value of published health research literature by promoting transparent and accurate reporting and wider use of robust reporting guidelines. She has been involved in the development of a number of reporting guidelines including the 2020 PRISMA statement and led the development of the TIDieR (Template for Intervention Description and Replication) checklist and guide. Tammy has over 300 publications, including many articles in leading journals such as JAMA, BMJ, JAMA Internal Medicine, PLOS Medicine, and BMC Medicine, and field-leading rehabilitation and health communication journals. She is also the lead author of a widely used inter-disciplinary evidence-based practice book (Evidence-Based Practice across the Health Professions), with a 4th edition of it currently being written.  


Dr Rosie Mangan

Dr Rosie Mangan is an evolutionary-ecology researcher suffering an ABI during a research expedition. Beforehand, she was involved in a numerous community engagement programmes: socio-economic strengthening of people with disabilities, promoting science in schools and science communication exchanges. She is an ABI and disability advocate, a member of the ABI Ireland research ethics committee. She has actively collected data on herself during her rehabilitation journey, sharing it with the GBHI to assist navigating rehabilitation. 


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