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Three-part webinar series: Manual Handling for health professionals - AOTI Members only

11 am | Tuesday 09 Apr 2019 to Tuesday 23 Apr 2019

Booking is not currently open on this event.

BOOKING IS NOW CLOSED. Common mistakes health professionals make when solving manual handling problems for people with disabilities and how to avoid them

This webinar series is for AOTI members only. Each webinar will run for 45 minutes with time for questions at the end. 


This webinar series is for OTs who solve manual handling problems for people with disabilities and their care givers in tasks such as getting out of bed, having a shower and getting into their wheelchair for the day.

Occupational therapists are considered experts with the skill set needed to help people with disabilities in solving transfer problems, however they are rarely taught how to do it at university level. Many struggle with their knowledge in three main areas:

  1. What keeps care workers and clients free from injury in transferring
  2. How to prescribe, use and justify equipment in a time efficient fashion
  3. How to manage the needs of all people in the manual handling process

As a result they find themselves giving incorrect advice or continuously asking for supervision with difficult cases they don’t feel confident about. They can also waste time trialling equipment that is unlikely to work, or discount solutions that are likely to be successful. Finally, they can struggle managing the needs of everyone in the manual handling, leading to stress and burn out.


In this webinar series we will explain the common mistakes we see health professionals making in addressing the manual handling concerns of their clients and how to avoid them.

Tuesday April 9th - Session 1: EQUIPMENT: Mistakes when prescribing, using and justifying equipment and how to avoid them

Tuesday April 16th - Session 2: PROCESS:  Mistakes when assessing, documenting and teaching risk management and manual handling and how to avoid them

Monday April 23rd - Session 3: PEOPLE:  Mistakes when supporting the people in the process and how to avoid them

This webinar series will start you on the road to gaining confidence in the solutions you offer, being efficient in the way you solve them and doing so with less stress.



About the facilitator:

Aideen Gallagher has worked as a lecturer in occupational therapy as well as working with disability and care organisations for the last 16 years.  Aideen founded Risk Managed as she became frustrated at the lack of education for health professionals in solving manual handling problems.  She realised by giving health professionals the right knowledge, skills and resources, she could have a great impact in keeping care givers across the globe safe at work. 

She has published research in 10 peer review academic publications and presented our methodologies at over 30 conferences worldwide.  In October 2017 she published her book, “The Manual Handling Revolution” that provides a blueprint for how health professionals can keep care workers injury free.  In December 2017 it became a number one best seller on Amazon.  Aideen is a well renowned speaker being voted best plenary and workshop presentation at the National Back Exchange 2019 conference in the UK.  In 2018, she was a finalist for a leadership award for Work Health and Safety for Safe Work NSW in Australia.


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