Bathroom Adaptation and Design Part Two

Housing training with Viva Access

Venue Online
Event Date 7 Jul 2022
Time 9:30am -12:30pm

This workshop is now open for booking via Viva Access. 


AOTI members: €40 
Non members: €75

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About the course: 

This course builds on Part-1 and covers more advanced issues such as assessing for extensions; promoting safety in the bathroom; designing for users with visual impairments; adapting small bathrooms; some technical considerations; use of design briefs, and more.


  • Feel more confident specifying room sizes for toilets, bathrooms and extensions – for a range of ambulant disabled and wheelchair users
  • Have explored the recommended dimensions for bathrooms, sourced from a variety of design guidance, including the Northern Ireland Toolkit and AOTI Housing Design Guidelines
  • Be able to discuss ways of incorporating flexibility into bathroom design
  • Have explored solutions in relation to the adaptation of small spaces 
  • Be familiar with the key design issues for users with visual impairments
  • Understand the purpose and use of Design Briefs (specifications) and how to use the Viva Access Design Brief for Bathrooms
  • Have problem solved one or more case scenarios/adaptation schemes within a group setting


  • Electronic handouts (PDFs) provided
  • Digital Attendance Certificate issued
  • Our online courses are interactive and typically include some or all of the following: presentations, case studies, desktop exercises, demonstration videos, discussions, breakout rooms and Q&As with trainers.


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