Compassion Focused Therapy

IASLT event

Event Date 30 May 2023
Time 9.30am

This course is being run by IASLT. Booking via IASLT website HERE


About this course

This course is facilitated by the Compassionate Mind Foundation UK

Compassion focused therapy is rooted in an evolutionary model of human psychology. Participants on the course will be introduced to the difficulties that the human brain encounters because of its evolutionary history and the way in which old motivation and emotional systems interact with newly evolved cognitive competencies and intelligences. For example, humans are the only species that self-monitor in a particular way and while this has advantages, it is also a source for a lot of shame, anxiety and depression.

Participants will also be introduced to the three affect regulation systems linked to threat awareness and coping, reward and resource seeking, and contentment and soothing -- and how they form complex patterns within the mind. Participants will learn how early life experiences can shape the organisation of our emotions increasing our dispositions towards threat-based emotions that underpin a lot of mental health difficulties.

CMT helps us to understand, & work with, our tricky brains. It builds our abilities to use our bodies to support our minds & develop the courage & wisdom to address our life difficulties & flourish.

This workshop will help participants bring an evolutionary framework to the conceptualisation of mental health problems and their alleviation. This workshop draws on new research on the nature of different types of positive affect (activating verses soothing). Using these insights with an evolutionary and attachment focus the workshop explores the components of self-compassion and how the application for self-compassion can facilitate and promote well-being. The fears, blocks and resistances to self-compassion will be explored. The workshop covers the following materials:

  • Introduction to the evolutionary model of human psychology and vulnerability to mental health difficulties
  • Understanding an evolutionary approach to affect regulation and affect dysregulation.
  • The role of attachment and early secure base and safe haven for development and compassion cultivation
  • The nature of the two psychologies compassion with 12 constituent elements and their link to the care- giving and receiving motivational systems
  • Compassion as flow: compassion to others, been open to compassion from others and self-compassion.
  • Practices that stimulate compassionate mental states and build a sense of the compassionate self-identity.
  • How to use compassionate mental states and the sense a grounded compassionate self to address problems such as self-criticism and shame.
  • Therapy as creating different patterns in the mind conducive to well-being.

Course outline

  • Understanding the common humanity of shame
  • Compassion definition and qualities
  • Psychoeducation – Evolutionary psychology, tricky brain, affect regulation model
  • Developing skills – Attention, mindfulness, imagery, compassion
  • Putting compassion to work
  • Research CFT & stammering

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