Pressure Ulcer Management with Sharon Sutherland

On-line modules and live Q and A

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Start Date 1 14 Feb 2022
Start Date 2 28 Feb 2022
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Pressure Care prevention and management aims to reduce and prevent the incidence of pressure ulcers and to ensure existing pressure areas are managed appropriately. The Occupational Therapist's role is to educate clients and carers on pressure areas, provide appropriate prevention and management strategies. This training aims to equip OT's with the knowledge required to assist with pressure ulcer management.

This self-directed learning starts on the 14th of Febuary and should be completed before the live Q&A on the 28th of February.

Webinar 1: Anatomy and Biomechanics Related to Seating

Learning Objectives:

  • Define three common postural deviations and their symptoms versus causes
  • List three two-joint muscles and their implications related to seating
  • Identify components of the ICF related to the hands-on assessment and practical considerations for implementing solutions
  • Define Windswept Hips and identify associated postural deviations in sitting  

 Webinar 2: Pressure Care and Seating: What do we need to think about?

Learning Objectives: 

  • List 3 Current Risk Factors from the most current Clinical Practice Guidelines (2019)
  • Define Stage 1- Stage 4 Pressure Ulcers
  • Define the height differential between the ischial tuberosities and under surface of greater trochanters
  • List 2 reasons why this height differential is important

 Webinar 3: Selecting a seat cushion; What are the ‘MUST HAVE’ features relative to our clinical assessment

Learning Objectives: 

  • List the goals of seating as they relate to the prescription of wheelchair and static chair seat cushions/supports
  • Define 3 key seat cushion product parameters 
  • List the 10 steps for checking for bottoming out on a seat cushion
  • Identify/list 4 objective questions related to skin integrity and positioning properties of wheelchair seat cushions using a simple checklist

Webinar 4: Selecting a back support; What are the ‘MUST HAVE’ features relative to our
clinical assessment findings

Learning Objectives: 

  • List the goals of seating as they relate to the prescription of back supports
  • List 3 assessment steps that are necessary for back support selection
  • Define 3 key back support product parameters/features
  • List 3 outcomes that can be measured related to back support provision
  • Ask 4 objective questions about back supports related to form, fit and function using a simple checklist

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