Psycho-sensory Intervention: Level One

Recorded webinar course

Event Date 1 Jul 2022

This recorded webinar session is intended for OTs who wish to attend the AOTI Advanced Level Psycho-Sensory workshop in September 2022. Completion of Level One training is a pre-requisite.


Information and booking HERE:


About the Level One course: 

This 7.5 hour online workshop provides an integrated theoretical connection about the neurological interplay between attachment, developmental trauma and sensory processing issues. Participants will develop an introductory understanding of the use of relational attunement as a regulatory influence that supports and stabilizes the arousal and sensory processing systems. This workshop uniquely blends the integration of psychotherapeutic skills with sensory processing intervention. Specifically adapted to supporting Occupational Therapists in Ireland, participants will learn how to put these two distinct therapeutic approaches together as a mechanism for the development of self-regulation and mental health function. Learning is facilitated primarily through lecture and storytelling, with some group reflection and problem-solving in addition.

Learning outcomes:

Participants will be equipped to

  • Explain how attachment strategies are functionally adaptive in relation to developmental trauma
  • Describe the connection between trauma, arousal and sensory processing challenges
  • Discuss how the use of relational attunement skills and therapeutic use of self can stabilize arousal and support sensory processing issues
  • Develop a repertoire of sensory processing strategies for the treatment of trauma
  • Understand how trauma impacts postural control
  • Learn to provide treatment intervention to the postural and movement system to affect change in the emotional responses to trauma (treating trauma through the body)
  • Begin to integrate psychotherapeutic process within a sensory motor context

About the facilitator:

Kim Barthel is an award-winning occupational therapist from Canada, a trans-disciplinary teacher and best-selling author who is actively supporting function, healing and learning across many contexts around the globe. A pioneer in reinforcing the importance of relationship, Kim’s passionate interests include complex behaviour, attachment, movement, sensory-processing and mental health. She is an Advanced Neuro-Developmental Treatment (NDT) instructor who invests most of her energy today leading training related to holistic clinical reasoning and trauma-sensitive practice. 











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