The Decider training Interdisciplinary

CBT skills training

Venue Portlaoise
Price €34.00
Event Date 9 Sep 2024 - 10 Sep 2024
Time 9.30 am

Booking condtions: Please note the following

This is a HSE funded training event. Priority will be given to OTs in public sector roles. 

Booking via IASLT HERE: 



About the course

The Decider Skills course use Cognitive Behaviour Therapy to teach children, young people and adults the skills to recognise their own thoughts, feelings and behaviours, enabling them to monitor and manage their own emotions and mental health.

Complex psychological theory has been distilled into highly effective, evidence based skills for individuals and organisations.  

The aim of the course is to teach clinicians how to present 32 CBT and DBT informed skills to clients and to discuss the development, evidence base and theoretical underpinning of each skill. These skills enable clients to lead a more skillful, less impulsive life.

The Decider Skills Manual contains 32 CBT & DBT skills for individuals and groups with mental health problems. Each skill has its own evidence base, client handout, clinician page, visual and prop, and hand sign.  Real-life examples are used and each skill is taught in a discuss-demonstrate-discuss format. The demonstrations bring the skills to life. The clinician page provides a detailed explanation for the clinician on how to teach and present the skill.



1. Be able to implement the Decider in practice

2. Run groups in order to teach clients Decider skills

3. Use the Decider website to access resources /teaching materials as required

4. Use decider skills on a none to one therapy basis

5. Integrate Decider skills to other mental health therapy arena.


Evidence is available on the Decider website.


Feedback from Professionals 

Community Mental Health Nurse - drug and alcohol service

"The Decider skills is like an internal life vest, it has given me confidence in being able to cope with whatever life may throw at me. In particular it has given me skills that I have been able to work through with my clients and pass on to my children. I have witnessed how decider skills has helped with controlling emotions and reducing stress and worry. The great thing is that it is fun and easy to learn."   PM

Consultant Psychiatrist

“As a psychiatrist, the Decider has given me more skills to teach and empower patients and families for dealing with difficult emotions. I like that they are all evidence–based, clinically intuitive, easy to remember. I have seen great results, particularly evident in patients who have done the Decider course.”   GL

Community Mental Health Nurse, Adult (secondary care) services

“The Decider Skills have been significant in increasing my confidence when managing risk. Using the skills which work in helping to tolerate emotions and not act on impulse. Service users can formulate an aid memoire which can be used by the service user, their family, friends and other professionals.”   YS

Social Worker

"As a social worker within secondary mental health services, I have had great feedback from my service users about the positive impact that the decider skills training have and continue to have on their life and functioning and management of their difficulties on a day to day basis. I have also been able to incorporate the skills into the psychosocial intervention with the service users to enable them to gain better coping strategies around negative impulsive thoughts."   SO

Occupational Therapist

“The decider life skills provides a shared language to be used within adult mental health with service users, the handbook and work sheets are helpful tools to use during intervention and provide coping skills and strategies to use during times of distress and reduce impulsive behaviours.”   RP


About the Trainers - Anu Community Healthcare Ltd. 

Margaret Daly

RPN, BA, MSc. Healthcare Management, Diploma. Counselling, Diploma. Care of Elderly, Diploma Social Care in Mental Health, Certified Life Coach, Diploma in Leadership and Quality Healthcare Management.

Gina Reynolds

RPN, BSc,(Hons) Diploma. Counselling, Mindfulness Facilitator, DBT Therapist, Diploma. Health Promotion, Diploma. Social Science


Gina and Margaret are both Registered Psychiatric Nurses. They set up Anu Community Healthcare Ltd in 2015 and began to offer Mindfulness courses and anxiety management courses. ers.







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