AOTI Anti-Racism Survey

The AOTI Anti-Racism Working Group is developing anti-racism guidelines for Occupational Therapists and as part of this they are looking to gather information on the Occupational Therapy workforce in Ireland and of experiences of Occupational Therapists/Occupational Therapy students in Ireland.

To achieve this goal the Working Group invites you to participate in its survey. They are conducting the survey to gain a clearer picture of:

  1. The diversity of Occupational Therapists currently practicing in Ireland as there is currently no information on this within the membership of AOTI or outside of AOTI membership.
  2. The experiences of Occupational Therapists in Ireland of racism
  3. The view of Occupational Therapists in Ireland of AOTI's future role in combating racism

The Working Group is looking to gather the experiences of all therapists working in Ireland, not just those from racialised backgrounds or those who have directly experienced racism. The responses to this survey will be used in the following ways:

  • Published in aggregate as part of Good Practice Guidelines for Anti-Racism
  • Used to support the development of the above guideline document
  • Used to inform how AOTI works and engages with its members
  • Used to inform future development of programmes and policy in AOTI 

This survey is anonymous i.e. you will not be identifiable to the Working Group when you submit your response. You have the right to withdraw from this survey at any time before you press "submit" at the end. However, because of the anonymous nature of the survey, you will be unable to withdraw from the survey once you have submitted your responses as they will not be identifiable to you.

At the end of the survey, there is the option to submit any other comments you wish to make. Please note that any comments typed into this field or indeed any other field, may be quoted in the final published guidance document.

AOTI is committed to being an anti-racist organisation and would like to hear your views. The survey questions will help us to achieve this.

Finally, AOTI acknowledges that completion of this survey may give rise to feelings of discomfort or distress, due to the subject matter. We have provided some signposting towards pathways for support at the end of the survey.

We thank you in advance for participating in the survey which you can complete here: AOTI Anti-Racism Survey


Angela Jackson

Chair of AOTI Anti-Racism Working Group


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