Dyspraxia/DCD Ireland will be running a series of in-person workshops for parents/carers of young people aged from seven years upwards beginning in January 2024. Our ‘Skills for Everyday Living’ workshops




Dyspraxia/DCD Ireland will be running a series of in-person workshops for parents/carers of young people aged from seven years upwards beginning in January 2024. Our ‘Skills for Everyday Living’ workshops will be facilitated by Dr Dorothy Armstrong who is an expert occupational therapist who specialises in Neurodivergence (Autism, ADHD, Developmental Coordination Disorder / Dyspraxia).

Dr Armstrong’s doctoral thesis was about Dyspraxia/DCD and she will be teaching parents a method of working with their children which is evidence based and goal focused. As Dorothy explains, “The best evidence for intervention with children and young people with DCD/Dyspraxia is to work directly on developing their independence in the areas of Self-Care such as dressing, knife and fork skills, making lunch, showering; Productivity for example organising school bag, tidying bedroom, handwriting/typing etc; and Leisure activities like art, music, playing a game, doing a sport.” 

‘Skills for Everyday Living’ workshops will include Presentations, Groupwork, Discussions, Shared Learning and Lived Experience Perspectives to ensure that all learning styles are catered for. Alan Armstrong will discuss his experience of growing up with Dyspraxia/DCD and of successfully using this intervention method.

Please note – These workshops are not suitable for children to attend 


It is expected that by the end of the workshop parents/carers will have achieved the skills and confidence to:

  1. Help the child/young person set clear goals in the areas that matter to them
  2. Break tasks down into steps for the child/young person and analyse where they are having difficulties
  3. Think of ways to remedy difficulties as they arise
  4. Help the child/young person make a plan for themselves to reach their chosen goal
  5. Confidently teach the child/young person a strategy which will help them reach future goals

WORKSHOP will be held nationwide venues, dates and method of booking available on the website https://www.dyspraxia.ie/Parental-Workshops-2024?loc=MjQ%3D#locationselectform 

Please keep an eye on Dyspraxia/DCD Ireland website as dates will be released regularly 


The cost is €50 for Dyspraxia/DCD Ireland members and €60 for non-members to include morning tea and lunch.

*Members will be requested to sign in using their active membership number*

Dyspraxia/DCD Ireland is a not for profit charity that aims to support every person with dyspraxia to participate in the events we run. If you would like to attend one of these events but are experiencing financial challenges please contact us in strictest confidence to discuss how we can assist you. 

More about the Facilitator

Dr Armstrong delivers training, education and advice to organisations such as schools, community groups and businesses and has over twenty years of clinical experience working with people with Dyspraxia/DCD. Dorothy has made television and radio appearances and regularly provides talks online and in person. Dr Armstrong has a strong interest in ensuring young people with DCD are supported within the educational system through accessing assistive technology, reasonable accommodations and language exemptions and is the author of the book ‘The Next Adventure: Transitioning to Secondary School when you have Developmental Coordination Disorder.’ Dorothy is also mother to two adult sons with Dyspraxia/DCD.

Proudly sponsored by the Health Service Executive in CHO regions 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 8 and 9 with funding provided by the National Lottery.


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