Election 2020 Campaign Launched


Election 2020 is fast approaching and we want the needs of health and social care professionals to be on the agenda. To help achieve this, AOTI along with our partner organisations in the Health and Social Care Professionals Alliance (HSCPA) has developed a campaign with 3 things to ask for when you are canvassed by election candidates. 

The idea of the campaign is to highlight some of our professions’ key needs (and those of our service users) and to balance the narrative that more doctors and nurses is all that is needed to improve health service delivery in Ireland.

Every professional body in the HSCPA has agreed on two shared 'asks' with the third being specific to each profession. The specific 'ask' that AOTI has selected for this campaign is for an end to the current panel system of recruitment of occupational therapists in the HSE and the development of a new fit for purpose system.

This follows on from our statement issued at the end of November 2019. AOTI will be meeting with the National Director of HR in the HSE on 7th February and at this meeting we will be asking the HSE to commit to developing a new fit for purpose system in consultation with AOTI and other professional bodies.

We have developed a campaign document for our Members that we hope you will find useful. Please make copies and hand them to candidates when they call at your door. Please also spread the word about the campaign to your colleagues, family and friends. 

We will be posting on Facebook and tweeting on Twitter about the campaign so please share our posts and retweet our tweets. The hashtag for the campaign is #Ask4MoreHSCPs

As the document says, it's our services that so many people are waiting for, so let's get Occupational Therapy and the HSCPs on the election agenda!


Odhrán Allen

Chief Strategy Officer


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