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AOTI Directors, Council and Staff

The AOTI has a number of key structures in order to carry out its functions including Directors, Council, Staff, Sub-Committees, Advisory Groups and Delegates/Reps.


The Directors of AOTI delegate responsibility for the day to day management of the Association to the Council. However, the Directors retain legal accountability and responsibility for the company. The Chair of Council is also the Chair of the Board of Directors of the company.

The Directors of the Association are:

  • Chairperson
  • Anne Hughes-Kazibwe - Company Secretary
  • Mary McGrath
  • Andrew Semple
  • Phil Dunne

The Directors are the legal structure of the Association whose responsibilities include AOTI compliance with CRO requirements (e.g. submission of annual audited accounts) and acting as advisors to the Council.


The Council of AOTI refers to the council of management which consists of voting members of AOTI elected at AGM or co-opted onto Council where vacancies arise following the AGM. The Council is the governance structure of the Association with a number of executive and strategic functions.

There are twelve members on the Council anf five of these are elected by the Council annually to form the Executive Council, which is comprised of the Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer and Minute Secretary. Service on Council is on a voluntary basis. The current members of AOTI Council are:

  • Sarah Carter - Chairperson
  • Ann-Marie Morrissey - Vice Chairperson
  • Andreya Ellis - Treasurer
  • Sophie Janik - Secretary
  • Leigh Surgeon - Minute Secretary
  • Rachel Dunne
  • Joan Elliott
  • Katie Kerley
  • Anne Quirke
  • Susan Madigan
  • Kara McLoughlin
  • Genevieve O'Halloran
  • Siobhain O'Shea

Council meets every second month and the Executive Council also meets every second month in the intervening months. Meetings of the Council require a quorum in order for the meeting to proceed and for decisions to be valid. When a full Council is in place the quorum is seven.

The Governance Handbook (March 2017) is a document that defines the workings and governance within the association. It is based on the pre-2017 Standing Order document, the pre-2107 Articles of Associations and the requirements of the Companies Act (2014). It is a live document, that will change with the needs of the Association. Amendments to the Governance Handbook can be made by Council, and may, at their discretion, require a vote by members at the AGM.


AOTI currently has four staff:

  • Odhrán Allen – Chief Strategy Officer
  • Veronica McKenna – Membership Secretary
  • Orla Foster – Director of Professional Development
  • Gráinne Wall – CPD Administrator  

Our staff assist the Directors, Council, Committees, Advisory Groups, delegates/representatives and members in achieving the mission of the Association and manage day-to-day operations. The positions of Chief Strategy Officer and Membership Secretary are funded primarily through membership subscriptions and the Director of Professional Development and CPD Administrator roles are funded through an annual grant from the HSE. 

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