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Accessing an OT privately

If you are unable to access an OT publicly or would prefer to source an OT privately, you can search for a private OT on our database by specialty or location depending on your preference. Private OTs may work within a number of specialties or across a number of geographical locations in Ireland. To find an OT best suited to your needs you should contact them directly via their contact details as listed on the website.

You can use the Search option on the right to find a private occupational therapist. Alternatively, please click on the Word document, located on the right hand side of this page, to find an OT near you.

It is recommended that OTs in Private Practice have:

  • Minimum 5 years clinical experience
  • Have specialised in the area in which they wish to practice
  • Provide details of experience to clients, as well as a clear schedule of fees, in advance
  • If you require more information than is listed on this website please contact the OT directly

Private OTs are listed under the following specialties

  1. Accessible accommodation
  2. Physical intervention/treatment  (Neurological, Older people, Orthopaedic)
  3. Paediatric - developmental, intellectual disability, sensory integration
  4. Psycho social - mental health
  5. Vocational/employment
  6. Education/management
  7. Medico/legal assessment/reports

Please read 'What to expect' for further information on what to expect when meeting an OT in private practice or the health service

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