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Submitting Project Synopsis to Online Catalogue

The Research Committee of the Association of Occupational Therapists (AOTI) wish to catalogue brief details of the research projects conducted by occupational therapists and students. It is hoped that this electronic research catalogue will serve to further others' research by reducing repetition and allowing future researchers build on previous studies.


  • Only projects that have received ethical approval may be submitted to this website catalogue. 
  • This information is accessible to AOTI members only.

How to consent to the inclusion of your research 

If you would like your research project to be included in this electronic catalogue please click "Submit Research Here", complete the application form and return it to info@aoti  marked for the attention of the Chair, AOTI Research Committee. 

If you change your mind, having already consented to your project being included in the catalogue, you have the right to withdraw your consent and study-details from the catalogue at any time. To do this you will need to make a request to the Chair of the Research Committee at

The purpose of providing contact details to be posted on web

If a person, accessing the catalogue, wishes to know more about your research project they will need to contact you directly. For this reason you are invited to provide contact details with your submission. These details will be available to those accessing the AOTI research catalogue. The AOTI will not act as an intermediary nor will the university or body in which you may have conducted the project.

The timescale in submitting and holding information on the AOTI Website

Having submitted the fully completed application and consent form you will receive an acknowledgement of receipt from the AOTI Research Committee. You are welcome to submit your synopsis at any time. Synopses will be uploaded to the website at regular points throughout the year. Your research project will be categorised using the key words you provided and may remain accessible on the website for a period of five years.

The AOTI Research Committee reserves the right to reject applications and to withdraw information from the AOTI website.


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