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Research Resources

While the AOTI Research Committee does not endorse any one resource it hopes they will be of use to researchers.

Research Resources

1. Guidelines for conducting research

  • Letts, L. (2003). Occupational therapy and participatory research: a partnership worth pursuing. American Journal of Occupational Therapy, 57(1), 77-87.
  • Fange, A., Risser, R. & Iwarsson, S. (2007). Challenges in implementation of research methodology in community-based occupational therapy: the Housing Enabler example. Scandinavian Journal of Occupational Therapy, 14(1), 54-62.

2. Searching for evidence/literature

An Irish website developed as a tutorial for learning how to become more literate at searching information and literature resources can be found at:

Available also in pdf form:

Falzon, L., Davidson, K. &Bruns, D. (2010).Evidence searching for evidence-based psychology practice.Professional Psychology: Research and Practice. 41(6), 550-557.

How to conduct an effective and valid literature search.From the Nursing Times.

Use of databases of evidence is also useful when reviewing a topic:

  1. are links to banks of topics that have been critically appraised (CAT’s)
  2. OT seeker is a website containing abstracts of systematically reviewed topics relevant to OT
  3. is where Cochrane reviews are to be found- a sight that promotes high-quality review of evidence for health practitioners.
  4. Irish database on children’s health research:
  5. The NDA hosts a database that includes an audit of 900 Irish disability-related research studies from 1996 to 2005 which can be accessed at:
  6. Although the Centre for Early Childhood Development and Education was shut down in 2008, its database of research related to young children is still available online and includes this audit of research carried out in Ireland from 1990 to 2006:

3. Evaluating/critiquing research

  • “What is Critical Appraisal” by the Medical Sciences Division of the University of Oxford, UK. http://www.medicine.ox
  • EBP centre in McMaster Uni in Canada:  
    • Guidelines for Critical Review Form: Qualitative Studies (Version 2.0) & Critical review form
    • Guidelines for Critical Review Form: Quantitative Studies (Version 2.0) & review form
  • Using an approach such as doing a CAT (where you carry out an appraisal of evidence known as a Critically Appraised Topic) is useful and can be guided by the use of: 
  • Bannigan K (2012) Reading and reviewing research papers.International Journal of Therapy and Rehabilitation. Available as free CPD module download from 

4. Writing a proposal

  • Hunter, D. (2011). A hands-on guide on obtaining research ethics approval. Postgraduate Medical Journal, 87(1030), 509-513.
  • Klopper, H. (2008). The qualitative research proposal. Curationis, 31(4), 62-72.`
  • Vivar, C., McQueen, A., Whyte, D. & Armayor, N. (2007). Getting started with qualitative research: developing a research proposal. Nurse Researcher, 14(3), 60-73

5. Dissemination

  • IJOT – Authors guide revised (Oct 07) &  Category of article
  • Driscoll, J. & Driscoll, A. (2002). Writing an article for publication: an open invitation. Journal of Orthopaedic Nursing, 6(3), 144-152. 
  • Belcher, W.L. (2009). Writing Your Journal Article in Twelve Weeks: A Guide to Academic Publishing Success. Thousand Oaks, CA: SAGE Publications Inc.

6. Research Strategies

Health Research Board

HRB Strategic Business Plan 2010-2014
A Picture of Health 2009. A snapshot of HRB funded research

Department of Health

Making Knowledge Work for Health. A Strategy for Health Research 2001

Therapy Research - Delivering Best Health. A Research Strategy for the Therapy Professions in Ireland 2008-2013
Action Plan for Health Research 2009-2013
Ethical Review and Children's Research in Ireland 2010

Department of Children and Youth Affairs

National strategy for research and data on children’s lives 2011-2016:

Mental Health Commission

Mental Health Commission Research Strategy

Children’s Acts Advisory Board, Ireland

Putting research evidence to work in children’s services: 

Therapy Professions in Ireland:

Health Research Board.(2010). An Identification of Research priorities for Therapy Professions in Ireland. Available:

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