Welcome to the Neurology Advisory Group

Who we are

The Neurology Advisory Group (NAG) is a branch of AOTI consisting of a group of national occupational therapists with a common practice interest in the area of neurology. The aim of the NAG is to encourage, promote, facilitate and support the advancement of Occupational Therapy practice within the area of neurology.

What we do.

The NAG;

  • Provides a platform for members to share information regarding courses, events, current research and practices in neurology.
  • Advocates for occupational therapists working in the field of neurology on national issues which affect the profession and its therapists.
  • Provides continuing education in the form of periodic study days. Topics aim to reflect member suggestions as much as possible.
  • Facilitates OTs across Ireland in maintaining contact and sharing expertise within the area of neurology.
  • Promotes the identity of the NAG at a local, regional and national level and contribute to newsletters, & websites as appropriate.

Benefits of being a member

  • Members are added to our email list and receive email alerts regarding relevant study days, courses, lectures, and national events relevant to neurology.
  • Members have access to a pool of OTs interested in neurology, and can pose relevant queries to the group via the NAG Communications Officer.
  • Members can participate in the ‘Rack your brains’ pooling of clinical resources by members. This quarterly topic is based on members feedback, and is organised via email to NAG members.
  • Members can attend the NAG study days, often with a reduction in price/places provided to NAG members as priority.

If you wish to join please email NAG@aoti.ie