Research is an important part of the Occupational Therapy profession as it forms the bedrock of evidence-based practice, effectiveness and efficiency in the delivery of Occupational Therapy services to the benefit of service users.

AOTI is committed to ensuring practice develops in line with current best evidence and, that occupational therapists engage in evidence-informed practice. This ensures that Occupational Therapy services are both cost effective and meet the needs of clients.

Our vision is that occupational therapists in Ireland will value research and will create and integrate research evidence into practice, education, management and policy, to enable the provision of high quality, occupation-focused, person-centred Occupational Therapy services, underpinned by research evidence.

In line with this vision, AOTI supports research in Occupational Therapy in Ireland and offers access to the AOTI Database for research purposes as well as encouraging our members to participate in research.



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