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This section contains publications and materials for use by Occupational Therapists or students of Occupational Therapy.

AOTI Professional Resources

AOTI Code of Ethics

AOTI Membership Policy

Supervision Guidelines

Vocational Rehabilitation Handbook

LGBT+ Guidelines for Occupational Therapists

CPD Factsheets

Mindfulness and Scope of OT Practice 

Scope of Occupational Therapy Practice and CBT

Housing Design Guidelines for Occupational Therapists

Guidelines on Concurrent Working for Occupational Therapists

Minimum Standards for Practice Education in Ireland

Guidelines for Volunteer Occupational Therapists

Clinical Governance Guidelines

Clinical Governance Statement

Position Paper - Occupational Therapy and Older Adults

Position Paper - Occupational Therapy Assistants

Guidelines - Working Effectively with Occupational Therapy Assistants 

Consensus Statement on Prioritisation Guidelines for Occupational Therapy Rheumatology Services 

Occupational Therapy in CAMHS - A Practice Guideline for Occupational Therapists 

Position Paper: Changing the Mindset from ‘Granny Flat’ to Flexible Home Adaptations

Housing Adaptations: Practice Guidelines for Occupational Therapists

Splinting Guidelines for Occupational Therapists Working with Adults with Rheumatological Conditions

Position Paper - Practice Education of Occupational Therapy Students

Position Paper -  Occupational Therapy in Adult Palliative Care

Occupational Therapy in Child and Adolescent Services - A Practice Guideline for Occupational Therapists

Position Paper on Wheeled Mobility and Seating Devices 


Other Professional Resources

CORU Code of Professional Conduct and Ethics for Occupational Therapists

HSCP Office Professional Representation Toolkit

HSCP Office Process for Selection of Reps

AOTA Occupational Therapy Practice Framework

WFOT Occupational Therapy Position Statements

COTEC Occupational Therapy Position Statements

COTEC Evidence Based Practice Resources

CAOT Occupational Therapy Position Statements

CAOT Professional Issues Resources

WFOT Student Guide for  International Practice Placement

Sustainability Matters - WFOT Guiding Principles for Sustainability in Occupational Therapy

Apps for Occupational Therapy Practice

OT Seeker


WFOT Minimum Standards for the Education of Occupational Therapists 2016

TUNING Occupational Therapy Education in Europe



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12 Jul 2024

New BSc in Occupational Therapy at University of Limerick

Significant development for the profession in Ireland

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