Welcome to the Older Persons Advisory Group

Who we are

The Older Person’s Advisory Group (OPAG) is a group for AOTI members who work in and have a common practice interest in the area of Older Person’s care. The OPAG Committee consists of practicing occupational therapists who are based in various roles and settings around Ireland. Our focus is to encourage, promote, facilitate and support the advancement of Occupational Therapy practice within the area of Older Person’s services.

What we do.

The Older Persons Advisory Group aims to:

  • Advocate for occupational therapists working with Older Adults on national issues which affect the profession, clients and therapists.
  • Provide a platform for members to share information regarding current research, policies, events and courses relevant to our care of the older person.
  • Provide educational and continuing professional development (CPD) opportunities for AOTI members in the form of study days.
  • Facilitate peer support, sharing of expertise and an opportunity to network with occupational therapists working in Older Persons care nationally.
  • Influence policy development in the area of older persons Occupational Therapy practice.
  • Identify learning needs of group members and provide CPD opportunities through educational events and study days in line with these needs.

Benefits of being a member

The benefits of joining the Older Persons Advisory Group are:

  • Regular CPD opportunities to meet the needs of occupational therapists interested in older person’s care, including access to our study day at a reduced rate for AOTI members.
  • Opportunities for peer support and networking with OTs working nationally in older persons services.



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