Welcome to the Primary Care Advisory Group

Who we are

The Primary Care Advisory Group (PCAG) is a branch of the AOTI comprised of occupational therapists working nationally with a common practice interest in primary care. The PCAG aims to encourage, promote, facilitate and support the advancement of occupational therapy practice in the area of primary care.

What we do.

PCAG aims to:

  • Advocate for primary care occupational therapists on issues affecting both primary care service users and therapists.
  • Be proactive and take responsibility for intelligence gathering, strategic thinking and influencing policy development in the area of primary care occupational therapy.
  • Provide advice and respond to queries from therapists, the public, government bodies/policy makers and media on primary care occupational therapy related issues.
  • Promote and facilitate the sharing of expertise and resources with other occupational therapists working in primary care.
  • Provide a forum for peer support and guidance, at a national level.
  • Act as a forum for sharing information regarding courses, events, current research and practices in primary care occupational therapy.
  • Identify learning needs of group members and provide continuing professional development (CPD) opportunities through educational events and study days in line with these needs.
  • Develop and provide a library of books and resources appropriate to and available for PCAG members.

Benefits of being a member

The PCAG provides many benefits including:

  • Regular CPD opportunities to meet the needs of occupational therapists interested in primary care practice
  • Access to library resources relevant to primary care Occupational Therapy practice
  • Opportunities for peer support and networking
  • Advice to PCAG member on primary care related issues
  • Advocacy on behalf of PCAG members in consultation with the AOTI Management Team at a national level on issues relevant to primary care Occupational Therapy practice


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To join this group you need to be a member of the AOTI.

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