Welcome to the Vocational Advisory Group

Who we are

The Vocational Advisory Group (VOCAG) is a group for AOTI members working in clinical roles, leadership roles and education and who have a common interest in vocational assessment, vocational rehabilitation and vocational advisory roles.

The VOCAG Committee consists of Occupational Therapists with a range of experience and working in a variety of settings including acute care, rehabilitation, community, workplaces and private practice.


What we do.

The Vocational Advisory Group aims to:

  • Support professional skills and promote the advancement of Occupational Therapy practice within the area of Vocational assessment, rehabilitation and advisory support in Ireland.
  • Provide professional networking opportunities for sharing practice and developing resources for best practice guidelines.
  • Promote continuing professional development through organising study days, Advisory Group meetings and circulating relevant conferences.
  • Provide educational resources for pre-qualification Occupational Therapy.
  • Contribute to research in Occupational Therapy vocational rehabilitation.
  • Advocate and inform HSE, National Clinical Programmes, government, and policy makers regarding Occupational Therapy interventions in vocational rehabilitation, promoting equity of service provision for all.


Benefits of being a member

  • Opportunity for peer support and networking with Occupational Therapists working nationally in a wide range of vocational services.
  • Access study days at a substantially lower cost than non-members. In cases where study days are full, priority will be given to members first.
  • Members feedback will inform content of study days. 
  • Remain up to date with research and practice developments in vocational services in Ireland.


Apply Online

To join this group you need to be a member of the AOTI.

If you are a member please .

If you are not a member our membership page is here.