Welcome to the Children and Young Persons Advisory Group

Who we are

The Children and Young Persons Advisory Group (CAYPAG) is a branch of the AOTI consisting of a group of national Occupational Therapists with a common practice interest in the area of childrens occupational therapy. The purpose of the CAYPAG is to encourage, promote, facilitate and support the advancement of Occupational Therapy practice within the area of Paediatrics. The CAYPAG Committee currently consists of 11 Occupational Therapists from different parts of Ireland. We meet quarterly and liaise frequently over email in-between times to try to meet our members’ demands, queries and concerns. We also have various Regional Representatives from around the country who we consult on relevant paediatric projects, issues or concerns.

What we do.

The activities of CAYPAG include:

  • Acting as an advocate for paediatric Occupational Therapy on national issues which affect the profession.
  • Being proactive and taking responsibility for intelligence gathering, strategic thinking and influencing policy development in the area of Paediatric Occupational Therapy.
  • Highlighting areas of new development or concerns regarding paediatric practice matters to the AOTI Management Team.
  • Providing continuing professional development opportunites in the form of periodic study days. Topics aim to reflect member suggestions as far as possible.
  • Being a platform for members to share information regarding courses, events, current research and practices in Paediatric Occupational Therapy.

Benefits of being a member

CAYPAG tries to frequently forward our members any information we feel might be relevant to them, for example courses/events/conferences in the area of paediatrics, interesting research articles and information from AOTI and national bodies such as CORU which impact on paediatric occupational therapists. We also run at least one annual study days which are generally free of charge or discounted for CAYPAG members. The CAYPAG acts as an advocate for Paediatric Occupational Therapy on national issues which affect the profession and acts as a means of maintaining contact and sharing expertise with other occupational therapists working in Paediatrics throughout Ireland.

Membership of the Childrens and Young Person's Advisory Group is free.

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