Welcome to the Housing Advisory Group

Who we are

The AOTI Housing Advisory Group (HAG) was set up in 1999. We promote the role of Occupational Therapy in the field of accessible housing and independent living. The Housing Advisory Group (HAG) committee consists of a group of national occupational therapists with a common practice interest in the area of housing who have volunteered their time to take on various roles. The HAG Committee members are: 

  • Chair: Jennifer McDonald
  • Vice-Chair:  Claire Nicholl
  • Secretary:  Ciara Fingleton
  • Assistant Secretary:  Marie Murphy
  • Treasurer: Jothikumar Ramakrishnan
  • Research:  Linda Horgan and Anrece O’Connor
  • CPD:  Michelle Hayes


What we do.

HAG carries out a number of activities including:

  • Promote continuing professional development for members through organisation of home modification training programmes, study days and meetings
  • Respond to relevant issues with A.O.T.I to collaboratively work for best practice and opportunities for development
  • Support networking opportunities with other therapists through study days, meetings, group emails, and conferences
  • Respond to emerging issues related to housing policy, strategic development and practice in Ireland


Benefits of being a member

The benefits of joining HAG include:

  • Participation in a group aiming to maintain and promote best practice standards within housing.
  • Means of networking and sharing expertise with other OT’s working in housing across the country.
  • Opportunities for continued learning through home modification training days, meetings and study days.
  • Feedback from members is used to guide and adapt content of home modification training days, meetings and study days.
  • Details on courses and events relevant to Housing are emailed to members to continue developing skills in this clinical area.

If you wish to join, please email hag@aoti.ie