Welcome to the Mental Health Advisory Group

Who we are

The Mental Health Advisory Group (MHAG) is a group of occupational therapists working in clinical practice, management and education with an interest in mental health policy, practice and strategic development in Ireland. We also welcome student members with an interest in mental health practice. We have a client centred ethos and members work in mental health service delivery across Ireland.

What we do.

The MHAG: 

  • Encourages, promotes, facilitates and supports the advancement of Occupational Therapy practice within mental health service delivery in Ireland.
  • Is proactive and takes responsibility for networking, is strategic and influences policy development in Ireland.
  • Promotes continuing professional development within Occupational Therapy practice in mental health through publicity, attendance at relevant meetings, participation in consultations, liaison with educators, hosting study days and conferences
  • Highlights for AOTI areas of new development or concerns regarding professional Occupational Therapy practice matters.
  • Responds to emerging issues, which relate to the practice of Occupational Therapy mental health settings
  • Hosts study days which are focused on sharing learning and providing networking opportunities among mental health occupational therapists.
  • We encourage presentations from occupational therapists, educators and guest speakers as deemed relevant by the MHAG Committee

Benefits of being a member

The benefits of joining the Mental Health Advisory Group (MHAG) include:

  • Access to the opportunity of engaging in ongoing professional development through MHAG's study days.
  • As a member of MHAG you can access study days at a substantially lower cost than non-members. In cases where study days are full, priority will be given to members first.
  • Being a MHAG member provides additional means of opportunities for peer support and networking with OT's working nationally across a wide range of mental health services. 
  • The MHAG acts as an advocate for members on national issues that affect the profession as a whole.
  • Being a member of MHAG provides you with an opportunity to voice your opinion in relation to training needs, national issues, etc. 

Joining MHAG is free once you are a registered AOTI member. 

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