Welcome to the National Occupational Therapy Managers Advisory Group

Who we are

The National Occupational Therapy Managers Advisory Group (NOTMAG) is a diverse group of OT Managers from every clinical sector- acute, mental health, community and social care. Managers are employed by HSE, voluntary sectors, non-state funded organisations and are in private practice.

The objective of NOTMAG is to act collectively as a national group to promote the Occupational Therapy profession in response to changing healthcare needs and in line with the strategic plans of AOTI.

What we do.

NOTMAG meets quarterly, providing an opportunity to discuss key and emerging areas of Occupational Therapy practice at local, regional and national level.

NOTMAG offers an opportunity for peer support on professional concerns, queries and other networking opportunities. This Advisory Group also provides CPD, periodic Masterclasses and educational sessions.

Each meeting has a business component with national updates and opportunities to input the direction of progress at national level;  

NOTMAG meetings also offer the opportunity to give and receive feedback to/from the AOTI Chief Strategy Officer to support AOTI in strategy implementation and to take integrated national approaches across all clinical sectors.

NOTMAG actively works to align itself with the strategic goals of the Occupational Therapy profession within the clinical  and professional areas of practice, and the wider healthcare organisations, including the HSE, the Department of Health & Children and the National HSCP Office.

Working subgroups are formed when needed to support the development of national strategic projects and required actions. 

Benefits of being a member

Membership offers something to Managers at every level of experience:

  1. Regular updates and feedback on common national and strategic issues (via meetings and emails)
  2. Access to NOTMAG subgroups, findings and publications
  3. Peer support and networking opportunities from across the country
  4. Opportunity to benchmark and consult developments in one’s own area of work
  5. Occasions to address common professional issues of concern
  6. Involvement in formal/informal responses to proposed strategic policies under the direction of AOTI
  7. CPD, Masterclasses and educational sessions such as:
  • Updates on HSCP office
  • Updates on Clinical Care Programmes
  • Roll out of GDPR Legislation
  • HSE Framework for Improving Quality
  • Project Management for Occupational Therapist Managers
  • “Coaching for High Performance"
  • “The Science of Bouncibility”
  • “Think Smart for Peak Performance”
  • “Performance Management”


In recent years NOTMAG has published a number of documents including (not an exhaustive list):

  • OTA documents including Job Description, Guidance document and Position Statement
  • Competency document on Clinical Specialist OT
  • Professional Supervision in OT
  • Guidelines for Volunteers within the profession

NOTMAG members continue to contribute to or make submissions to numerous strategic documents including AOTI Surveys, National Clinical Programmes, National Strategies and HSE Models of Care.

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