Welcome to the Occupational Therapy in Homelessness Advisory Group

Who we are

Welcome to the AOTI Occupational Therapy in Homelessness Advisory Group

The Occupational Therapy in Homelessness Advisory Group (OTHAG) is a newly established group of Occupational Therapists either working, or with a special interest, in this area. We welcome members from practice, education and research.

The OTHAG committee consists of Occupational Therapists who are in a variety of roles around Ireland, in both the voluntary and state sector, and across multiple areas of practice including mental health, acute care services, primary care, social inclusion, Housing First, research and education.

The purpose of the AOTI OTHAG is to develop and promote the role of Occupational Therapy in homelessness and in doing so, support our members, promote best practice and share knowledge and skills. We aim to work in partnership with persons with lived experience of homelessness.

What we do.


  • Advocate for and promote advancement of Occupational Therapy in homelessness.
  • Act as a resource for AOTI in matters relating to homelessness to promote the value of an occupational perspective in this area.
  • Inform practice and research development in homelessness.
  • Identify the learning needs of our members and provide CPD and networking opportunities through events, study days, group emails.
  • Provide a peer support forum for AOTI members working clinically in the area.
  • Network with other groups within inclusion health and homelessness.


Benefits of being a member


  • Opportunities to develop and share skills and experiences.
  • Access to on-going professional development through study days.
  • Opportunities for feedback to highlight CPD needs.
  • Keep up to date with developments in occupational therapy in homelessness.
  • Promote networking across service areas.
  • Engage in a peer support forum if working clinically in the area.


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To join this group you need to be a member of the AOTI.

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If you are not a member our membership page is here.