Welcome to the Palliative Care and Oncology Advisory Group

Who we are

The Palliative Care and Oncology Advisory Group (PCOAG) is a group of occupational therapists whose primary work involves patients with a palliative or oncological illness. The Committee representing this group work in hospices, acute hospitals, paediatric services and community settings, with extensive knowledge and skills working primarily in Level 3 specialist palliative care settings. However, our wider members are often occupational therapists who carry a varied caseload with some palliative patients and occupational therapists with an interest in this area.

What we do.

PCOAG is involved in a  number of activities including:

  • Representing our members at a national level, on the National Clinical Care Programme 
  • Organising and facilitating an annual study day, based on the needs and priorities of our members
  • Influencing, contributing to and feeding back on national policies and documents to ensure our voices are heard and the Occupational Therapy profession's perspective included
  • Encouraging networking and open communication between our members for sharing of information and valuable resources.
  • Sharing queries from members to aid with complex clinical situations or advice.

Benefits of being a member

The benefits of joining PCOAG include:

  • Build collaborative working relationships with OTs in similar clinical settings and promote networking across services.
  • Share resources and information to ensure delivery of high quality, evidence based practice for our client group.
  • Opportunity to develop clinical skills and knowledge specific to palliative care and oncology.
  • Annual study day based on the views and feedback of our members, with greatly reduced price for members.
  • Keep up to date with developments in palliative care and oncology locally and nationally.
  • Platform for communicating with a large, widely dispersed group of OTs.


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To join this group you need to be a member of the AOTI.

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