Welcome to the Private Practice Advisory Group

Who we are

The AOTI Private Practice Advisory Group (PPAG) was set up to support Occupational therapists working in private practice in Ireland. We offer information and support to OTs working in private practice. The Private Practice Advisory Group (PPAG) committee consists of members of the group who work in private practice and volunteer to coordinate the PPAG group.

What we do.

What we do

The PPAG carries out a number of activities including:

  • Promoting continuing professional development for members through organisation of training programmes, study days and meeting
  • Collaborating with AOTI on relevant issues, to promote best practice and avail of opportunities for development
  • Providing members with opportunity to network with other therapists through study days, meetings, group emails, WhatsApp group
  • Responding to emerging issues related to private practice in Occupational Therapy as they arise
  • Providing information in response to queries from therapists, the public, government bodies/policy makers on private practice in occupational therapy

Benefits of being a member

The benefits of joining PPAG include: 

  • Participation in a group aiming to maintain and promote best practice standards
  • Opportunity to network, share expertise and peer support with other OTs working in private practice across the country
  • Support for group members' learning needs and continuing professional development (CPD) through educational events and study days in line with these needs
  • Increased awareness of courses and events relevant to practitioners, through shared information amongst members

Members of the PPAG must hold professional indemnity insurance.  


If you have any queries regarding membership or private practice please email [email protected]



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To join this group you need to be a member of the AOTI.

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