Welcome to the Seating and Posture in Occupational Therapy Advisory Group

Who we are

The Seating and Posture in Occupational Therapy Advisory Group (SPOTAG) is a group of occupational therapists from various service areas who have a special interest and passion for all aspects of seating and posture management including wheelchairs, pressure management, specialised seating systems and 24 hour positioning. Our members work across Ireland bringing a wide range of experience across the life span with our clients at the centre of all discussions and projects.

What we do.

SPOTAG aims to promote the role and specialist skills of occupational therapists in the area of seating and posture management for all clients who require these services. To promote evidence based practise for all occupational therapists involved in seating and posture management to ensure the service users' experience is of the highest quality. We work with service users, AOTI, HSE, government and policy makers to inform them of current services and to promote equitable services for all. We are developing standardised seating assessment forms and competency documents that can be used by Occupational Therapy services to promote quality and consistent practise across all levels of experience.

Benefits of being a member

The benefits of joining SPOTAG include:

  • Be part of a network of Occupational Therapist who are passionate about this key area of practise and who strive for best practise in all areas of seating and posture management.
  • Gain priority access to specialised annual study days, standardised assessment forms and competency documents.
  • Influence what HSE and AOTI funded courses we seek funding for in the area of seating posture management.
  • Assist in developing documents to communicate and inform AOTI, HSE, government and Policy makers regarding need for equitable seating and posture management services of all our clients.



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To join this group you need to be a member of the AOTI.

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