Dementia Pathways Website

We hope you are keeping well.  We would like to give you an update on the developments on the website Dementia Pathways.  

This website was developed by the PREPARED project in UCC as part of the implementation of the National Dementia Strategy. It was originally developed as a resource for primary care health and social care professionals.

In 2019, the responsibility for maintaining and updating the resources on the website was taken on by the National Dementia Office. In recent months it has been further developed to contain clinical and educational resources and guidance for all Irish medical practitioners and health and social care professionals who work with people living with dementia.

There are a number of new resources on the website including:

  • Information Portal which will provide easy access to a range of information materials which HSCPs can distribute to their clients who are living with dementia and to their families/carers, as appropriate.
  • A Good Practice & Innovation Hub which will showcase nationwide information on different projects and initiatives being delivered across a range of care settings. The hub will be a chance to learn more about what’s happening across the country and to link in with colleagues.
  • Dementia Advisors located around the country including the newly recruited advisors.
  • Resources and information for people with ID and Down syndrome. A new National Intellectual Disability Memory Service (NIDMS) has been established at Tallaght University. The aim of this service is to provide access to specialist memory assessment, comprehensive diagnostic work-up and post-diagnostic support for persons presenting with memory concerns.
  • A list of Publications and NDO Newsletters to keep up to date with any news and developments.
  • COVID – 19 Dementia Resources

Projects that are in development are:

  • Dementia Model of Care - The National Dementia Office (NDO) is leading on the development of a Dementia Model of Care. Working with national dementia experts, as well as a cross-disciplinary Advisory Group the model will outline diagnostic and post-diagnostic care pathways for people living with dementia and family carers and also include guidance on disclosing a diagnosis of dementia.  The Dementia Model of Care is the culmination of work which focused on the generation of evidence to inform practices, supports and services which can work well for people living with dementia and their families in Ireland.  The model will be published in 2021. 

Queries in relation to providing material for the Good Practice & Innovation Hub can be sent to

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