Get ready for our #OTweek campaign 2021

Starts Monday 25th October and runs until Sunday 31st October

AOTI Get ready for our #OTweek campaign 2021  image


The AOTI OT Week Campaign 2021 is fast approaching and will start next Monday 25th October and run until Sunday 31st October. This will coincide with the WFOT World Occupational Therapy Day on 27th October. 

The purpose of OT Week is to celebrate the Occupational Therapy profession, promote greater awareness of the valuable work occupational therapists do and highlight the benefits of Occupational Therapy for those who receive it.


Theme: Occupational Therapy – Enabling Occupation, Evolving Practice, Enhancing Lives

The theme this year is Occupational Therapy: Enabling Occupation, Evolving Practice, Enhancing Lives, which will build on the theme of the very successful AOTI Conference 2021. This theme will showcase how Occupational Therapy enhances lives by enabling occupation as well as how our practice is constantly evolving to better meet the needs of services users and in response to emerging challenges and new evidence. The tone of the campaign will be celebratory and positive and showcase the many benefits of our essential services.


Campaign Poster

We are happy to share with you the OT Week 2021 promotional poster which has been designed to capture and highlight the theme of this year's campaign. The poster is in high resolution format in A4 and A3 sizes, so it is ideal for printing. You can download the poster below for printing (use pdf files) as well as an image of the poster for use on social media.


Campaign Hashtag: #OTweek

A social media campaign using the hashtag #OTweek will be run by AOTI next week. We will have daily Tweets and Facebook posts with key messages about the value, benefits and importance of Occupational Therapy. The social media campaign will be supported by 3 additional graphics based on the design and message of the poster to enhance our online message. Look out for AOTI Tweets and Facebook posts so you can retweet and share them. Be sure to share your views on how Occupational Therapy enables occupation and enhances lives as we evolve practice in a changing world. We hope to create a very positive buzz online about our wonderful profession building on the success of our recent virtual conference.


#OTweek Resources

Below is the full list of free resources we have developed for you to use during #OTweek 2021:

Please share these resources with your OT colleagues and friends to help spread the message about #OTweek 2021.

We encourage you to print and display the campaign poster in a prominent place to create awareness in your workplace of OT Week. Please use the campaign hashtag #OTweek, the social media images, the email signature image, the social media profile pic and the Facebook and Twitter banners to increase the visibility of our celebrations.

Make sure you’re following AOTI on Twitter and Facebook so you can stay up to date with the campaign. Be sure to retweet and share our tweets and posts so we can get #OTweek trending and create a great buzz online about the Occupational Therapy profession. We will be monitoring use of the hashtag #OTweek throughout the week and will retweet and share your tweets and posts also.

Here’s to another successful OT Week campaign!


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