Accessing AOTI Database for Research

If you are a researcher you can submit an application to the Evidence Based Practice (EBP) & Research Committee requesting access to the AOTI Database

I am a researcher and want to access the AOTI Database

Before you contact AOTI, please ensure that you have proof of full ethical approval for your proposed research. To contact the AOTI Evidence Based Practice (EBP) & Research Committee, please e-mail the AOTI Office ([email protected]) with the Subject Title ‘FAO AOTI Evidence Based Practice (EBP) & Research Committee - Research Proposal'.

You will need to attach the following:

  • Brief title or area of the study (max 8 words) – This will be the title of the email sent out to potential participants.
  • A summary (max 250 words) of the proposed research with headings e.g. background, purpose, participants, data collection, and contact details.
  • Proof of full ethical approval (include copy of approval letter(s) by email/scanning).
  • Participant information sheet.
  • If applicable, a link to proposed online survey. Alternatively, surveys can be attached by Word Document.

Should you wish to access specific Advisory Groups members, the Chair of the Evidence Based Practice (EBP) & Research Committee will contact the Chair of the relevant Advisory Group.

There is no charge to access the database if you are an AOTI member. Non-members will be required to pay a €100 fee. Please contact AOTI regarding payment options [email protected] 

All researchers will be notified by email if their application is successful. It is aimed to process the first access to the database within four weeks of receipt of all information and payment. 

Please note: AOTI is not responsible for overseeing any study nor does it endorse any results of any study. AOTI will not canvas for research participants. Finally, AOTI strongly encourages dissemination of all research processed to support Occupational Therapy research and development in Ireland.


I am an AOTI member and am interested in participating in research

All members can opt in or out of the AOTI Research Database by updating their details via their online AOTI Profile. Should you choose to opt in, you will occasionally receive email invitations via AOTI to participate in a variety of studies. Remember, AOTI will never provide your contact details directly to researchers, nor will your details be shared with any external agencies.


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