Strategy 2017-2022

AOTI Strategy 2017-2022 describes AOTI's values, sets a new vision for AOTI and identifies strategic intentions as a basis for realising the new vision.


AOTI Values

  • Pride and ownership by our members and staff
  • Respect for our members and staff, our communities and our profession
  • Unity in purpose
  • Excellence in research, practice and performance
  • Integrity and ethical behaviour
  • Accountability for behaviour, performance, and outcomes
  • Collaboration to achieve success
  • Occupational justice for all


AOTI Vision

  • By 2022, the Association of Occupational Therapists of Ireland will be a vibrant, sustainable professional body that ensures Occupational Therapy is fully recognised and valued by society
  • The Association will continue to inspire members towards excellence in professional practice and strengthen its local, national and international identity and visibility


Strategic Intention 1:

  • AOTI will focus on the development of the Association to ensure it is accessible, responsive and rewarding to our members


Strategic Intention 2:

  • AOTI will continue to focus on developing high quality practice standards, communities of professional practice in our Advisory Groups, and research and learning opportunities from student to specialist levels


Strategic Intention 3:

  • AOTI will enhance the credible and influential voice of the profession to lobby and advocate with government and national stakeholders regarding the positive impact of occupational therapy on the improved health of the nation and to the exchequer
  • AOTI will work with key government / workforce-related agencies and employer groups making every effort to ensure that the Irish occupational therapy workforce is of sufficient size to deliver effective occupational therapy


You can dowload the AOTI Strategy 2017-2022 below



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